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IconWebinar Program 20 June 2020
Timing Description

Surrogacy & Egg Donation Journeys in the Covid-19 Era (Click to download)

One of California’s most popular surrogacy agencies provides an update on  the important decisions regarding egg-donors and surrogates. What changes are occurring in the US in regard to donor and surrogate screening & contact? Can I ship sperm or embryo to the US currently? What are the current timelines for program enrolment and surrogate matching? Is surrogate compensation the same across all US states?

Kathryn Kaycoff & Lauri De Brito, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, USA

Crucial IVF & Egg Donor Considerations

IVF processes are the most costly aspect of surrogacy. So getting embryo creation and transfer right is key. This session discusses the key considerations to ensure you have the best chances of success, including self-cycling protocols, egg donor choices and the importance of semen analysis in preparing for donor-egg IVF and surrogacy – This session sets out what you need to know in layman’s language, without the medical jargon.

Vicken Sahakian, Medical Director, Pacific Fertility Centers Los Angeles

Greek Programs for Surrogacy & Egg Donation(Click to download)

How has Greece developed IVF and surrogacy programs in an altruistic context? What are the benefits of pre-surrogacy transfer of parentage? How was Greece able to avoid the high number of Covid-19 cases that other countries experienced? What technologies and processes are employed in the Greek egg donor and surrogacy environment?

Dr Elias Tsakos, EmbryoClinic, Thessaloniki, Greece

Parent Panel

Parents who have recently completed surrogacy in Canada, US and Greece share their stories, the hurdles, what they learned along the way

Moderator: Sam Everingham
Panellists: Marco & Kate Nazarro (parents via Canada), Jodi Sebel (mum via USA), Kerry Duncan (mum via Greece)

Canadian Surrogacy – Understand the System

Some intended parents assume Canadian surrogacy is just like the US, but cheaper. In fact being an altruistic model, there are important differences you need to be aware of. For some, Canada providers an ideal solution – for others less so. At least 20% of Australians using overseas options choose Canada. This talk by a renowned Canadian expert covers many aspects of the Canadian model, from egg donors to surrogates, from IVF processes to legal parentage.

Nir Keren, Babies Come True & Create IVF Canada