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IconDomestic Webinar (Hetero) 4 July 2020
Timing Description

Surrogate Relationship Expectations in the Australian context

Aims to provide Intended parents a sense of what kind of support and relationship they need to be willing to provide

Narelle Dickinson, Australian Surrogacy Psychologist

Medical Considerations in Egg Donor and Surrogacy-related IVF processes

This session, from one of Australia’s most experienced reproductive endocrinologists, with a specialisation in third party reproduction covers success rates; when you should be considering donor eggs; the pros and cons of PGD testing of embryos; Surrogate screening and preparation; as well as discussion around medicated vs un-medicated cycles

Professor Peter Illingworth, IVF Australia

Surrogate Screening & Matching

One of the globe’s most experienced surrogacy professionals, from an organisation supporting surrogates and intended parents for over 30 years provides a clear overview of what sort of screening and matching processes and timelines you should expect from the US surrogacy process.

Center for Surrogate Parenting, USA

Surrogate Panel
Australian surrogates at the start of their journey with SASS or who carried for a relative or previously unknown recipient discuss their experiences, motivations, expectations and much more

Moderator: Narelle Dickinson
Panelists: Nicole Jarman, Tania Dougherty, Georgia Barnes

Parent Panel

Australian heterosexual parents join a panel to explore how expectations can differ, how to come to agreements on crucial issues; How support needs were or were not met; What were the toughest aspects; how to survive the unexpected hurdles; Managing expenses, communication, trust and more.

Moderator: Sam Everingham
Panellists: Hannah Smith (single mum) Jessie & Andrew Schuhart-McRae

Hearing from a Young Adult via Surrogacy

Oucomes for children is arguably the most important issue in egg donation and surrogacy.

Isabella Calero, a young woman via NSW surrogacy shares her thoughts