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IconTues 9 March 2021 London time
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Understanding European Donor and Surrogacy Options

An overview of options in Ukraine, Russia, Cyprus,  Solutions for those with embryos or sperm in Georgia – including donor and surrogate availability, the ability to travel for donor-IVF, the impact of Covid-19 on programs, entry and exit processes. Essential for those already engaged in or considering Egg Donor IVF or surrogacy. Covers established and emerging options, success rates and timelines

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Greek Surrogacy for Foreigners

Greece is attracting increasing numbers of heterosexual couples and single women to its altruistic surrogacy programs, given the high quality of medical screening and care and the high IVF standards and favourable laws. The country was a success story with Covid-19 control. Greek IVF physician Elias Tsakos explains the eligibility requirements, the legal process of transfer of parentage BEFORE embryo transfer and a typical surrogacy journey

Dr Elias Tsakos, EmbryoClinic, Thessaloniki

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Many heterosexual married couples are discovering Ukraine is a safe, legal and successful destination for cross border donor egg IVF and surrogacy services. Understand why Ukraine remains so popular, how eligibility, enrolment, surrogate screening and medical care processes work.

Lidiya Khomenko, ReproMedicine, Ukraine

Legal Considerations for UK Nationals

It is vital to understand how UK law interacts with crossborder surrogacy before engaging, so that you are well prepared in terms of understanding how parental transfer can occur, how UK citizenship works, what processes need to be followed and what costs might be associated with this component of your family building journey. Also covers considerations for intended parents who are nationals of other countries.

Karen Holden, A City Law Firm

European Parent Panel

Parents via surrogacy and egg donation in Greece & Ukraine discuss the details of their journeys during and before the Covid-19 pandemic, what the most difficult parts were, disclosure to family and friends, how they overcome hurdles and how they chose particular providers to work with.

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Adam Stearns (dad via Greece) Andy & Sujata Flower (parents via Ukraine) Patrick McKeating (parent via Ukraine)