Advice for Parents with Ukraine births (April – May)

  • Ukraine airspace is closed to most flights until at least 12 May 2020
  • Approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is required for entry. This can only be done via your own embassy.
  • If your country of residence requires you to apply for special permission to travel, do this now
  • Ukraine E-Visa applications are closed. Instead, special permission from the Ukraine government is required to apply for a visa via post

Flight Bookings

  • Qatar is flying into European hubs from Australian ports
  • Qatar & KLM are flying into European hubs from Bangkok
  • United is flying into European hubs from the USA

    Connecting Flights/Transiting in Europe
  • Foreign nationals can fly into Minsk, Belarus and be met by agency contractor or Growing Families contractor with ground transport to Kiev (8 hrs)
  • Belavia Flights to Minsk, Belarus are running daily. These depart from London, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Prague & Vienna. These flights can be booked as part of a longer flight to ensure your luggage is checked through
  • SkyUp is running irregular charter flights to Kiev from European capitals. See Schedule here https://skyup.aero/en/best While the website says these flights are only for Ukraine citizens, online bookings by foreigners is possible. You would need to show your MFA permission letter to board these flights. Note however that
    • these flights are unreliable. Some have been delayed by 12 hours. Others have been cancelled at the last minute
    • Your luggage will not be automatically transferred from any connecting flight. This poses a problem because In most airports you will not be allowed to collect luggage and check in again, since that would not be a transit but entry to the country.
  • Passengers transiting through M\mainland European hubs currently operating for Qatar (eg Stockholm, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Paris) may require special permission from their government to transit.
  • This is not an issue for transiting in London (but Belavia flights to Minsk operate from Gatwick)
  • Contact your embassy in the transit point country to confirm arrangements/gain permission to transit
  • For Australians needing Paris transit, email thomas.vitart@dfat.gov.au with your name, D.O.B. and passport number
  • You will be quarantined at least one week on arrival via air, followed by a Covid-19 test
  • If you arrive via road from Minsk or another European country, you will be required to quarantine in ‘observed’ accommodation. Ask your agency for advice

Permission to Enter Ukraine

Once you have travel arrangements confirmed, provide your embassy in Kiev with

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Passport number and date of expiry
  • Intended date and place of entry to Ukraine
  • Evidence of your surrogacy arrangements including location of birth and the child’s due date (e.g. a letter from your surrogacy agency confirming your details)
  • Evidence of where you intend to do the 14 days observed quarantine in Ukraine
  • Where you intend to stay in Ukraine after the observed quarantine

You embassy can only send such requests to the MFA within five days of planned travel.  
Do not plan to arrive in Ukraine more than 2-3 weeks in advance of the child’s due date.
Permission letters may only be issued 48 hours prior to your border crossing

Border Crossings
There are limited road border crossings open. This interactive map updated by Ukraine’s Customs Service shows the status of checkpoints at Ukraine’s borders. You will need a translator at borders as English will not be spoken

Care for Infants
The Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine issued these recommendations:

  • newborns should stay in official medical institutions which provide professional neonatal care and sanitary conditions;
  • private maternity homes may provide childcare for up to 4 weeks
  • should private maternity hospitals close because of infection, some state specific neonatal centers may care for your child for some period;
  • As a last resort, an official contract can be made with a childcare nurse to care for child, including paediatrician visits.

Your agency can advise you of the daily cost of care

Your surrogate may offer to care for your child. However agencies strongly recommend against this, given the risk of psychological attachment, which surrogates do not consider, but which can lead to later problems. 

We are able to assist in regard to all aspects of ground transfers Minsk – Kiev or Odesa.