Organising Travel for Overseas Births (Australians)

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Australian citizens and permanent residents were restricted from travelling overseas from 25 March 2020 at 12:00hrs AEDST.

How to Prepare for Travel

  1. Apply for Approval to leave Australia
    The Australian Border Force will consider an exemption in relation to a surrogacy birth as this falls under ‘a compelling or compassionate reason’. 
    Complete the online form here https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/covid19-enquiry-form
  • Flight number, write TBC or the flight number you hope to travel on
  • Travel date, calculate this as 2 weeks before expected birth date (or three days hence if your childs birth has occurred)
  • Reason for Exemption: choose ‘Humanitarian/Compassionate’
  • Supporting documents: Attach letter from your IVF clinic (not your agency) attesting to the expected birth date

    2. Have you organised DNA testing?
    Required for Ukraine, Georgia and Mexico births
  • Ensure you organise this 2 months before your travel date
  • Identilab is our recommended provider (It must be an Australian DNA test lab)

    3. Do you need special permission to enter your destination country?
  • USA – not required
  • Canada – required – contact your Canadian attorney can arrange
  • Ukraine – required but not available
  • Georgia – required but not available

4. Have you organised interim child care in case you are not able to travel before the birth?
Do this through your surrogacy agency

5. Once approval letters obtained, book flights (where available)

  • Note that while major airlines have closed many routes, there are still flights from Australia into US & Canada
  • No flights to Ukraine until at least 24 April. No flights to Georgia until further notice.
  • However routing is often more circuitous.
  • See sites like www.skyscanner.com.au for options.
  • Once you have found a routing that works for you, it is best to book direct with the airline rather than via third party sites