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IconAuckland Saturday 15 February 2020
Timing Description

Streamlining parentage post surrogacy

NZ MP Tamati Coffey and Tim Smith welcomed their baby Tūtānekai by gestational surrogate in July 2019. It was a long process that started many years earlier. In Nov 2019, they adopted their Son in line with the current legal framework. Tamati discusses their journey and the Members Bill he has lodged to streamline the surrogacy process for NZ couples in the future.

Tamati Coffey, MP and dad via surrogacy

Preparing for Egg Donation & Surrogacy

This session looks in detail at surrogacy and egg donor trends globally, in both regulated and unregulated countries, risks, costs, timelines and relationships as well as ethical considerations and setting realistic expectations.

Olivia Santa, Growing Families

IVF Considerations in Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Understanding how you can enhance success rates through testing and good decision-making can save you tens of thousands. This session from leading Californian IVF clinic Pacific Fertility in Los Angeles looks at what factors predict success, which you can and cant control, the pros and cons of PGS testing embryos and issues around shipping embryos from New Zealand.

Miles & Brittany Collins, Pacific Fertility Centers Los Angeles

Surrogate & Donor Screening & Contact in non-English speaking countries

Your relationship with your donor and/or surrogate will be very different in a non-English speaking country, sometimes due to laws, often due to language and cultural barriers. But how does the screening of donors and surrogates differ from say Australia and the USA? This session takes a look at comparative screening and contact processes across the globe

Tamari Kachlishvili, ReproArt, Georgia

The Nuts and Bolts of Ovarian Stimulation

Provides an understanding of what tests can be done to assess donor suitability, how live birth rates tend to vary based on age of the egg provider and other factors to consider for both donors and recipients

Dr Dean Morbeck, Fertility Associates, New Zealand

Legal Processes in Surrogacy for New Zealanders – A case study approach

This session by an experienced surrogacy lawyer with lived experience of surrogacy, uses real-life examples to provide a realistic picture of what to expect in relation to the pre and post surrogacy legal steps and requirements to ensure a transfer of parentage after surrogacy.

Stewart Dalley, Ryken Associates, New Zealand


The evolving relationships between Intending parents and surrogate

An experienced counsellor discusses how these relationships tend to evolve through the pregnancy and post birth.

Sue Saunders, Fertility Associates NZ


Networking with Parents and Experts

Parent Panel

Parents via surrogacy and/or egg donation discuss the details of their journeys in New Zealand, US  and Canada, what the most difficult parts were, how they overcome hurdles and how they chose particular providers to work with.

Moderator: Olivia Santa

Panellists: Amira Mikhail (mum via Canada) Nick Georgiev (dad via NZ/US)  Justen Lee (Dad via US) Joy Marriott (mum via NZ surrogacy)

Finding the Strength to Keep Going

Intended parents engaging in egg donor and/or surrogacy journeys can be faced with significant challenges – confiding in friends and family, finding a surrogate, low egg numbers, poor embryo quality, failed transfers, early or late miscarriage, preterm delivery. Coping with such issues will require you to draw on inner strength and determination. Local life coach Simona Spark provides insights into coping skills and reframing when the going gets tough

Simona Spark, Spark Transformations, Auckland

Donor Conception & Surrogacy Network NZ

Fertility New Zealand has recently launched a network to support New Zealanders to build whānau through donor conception and surrogacy.  It offers peer support and guidance, resources and events.  Nicola introduces this initiative and explains how it works.

Nicola Bitossi, CEO, Fertility New Zealand

NZ Surrogate & Egg Donor Perspectives

Local surrogates, both traditional and gestational, as well as egg donors share their motivations for helping others, how they matched with recipients , aspects of their journeys and their relationship expectations.

Moderator: Olivia Santa

Panellists: Melissa Fleming (Egg  Donor), Donna Adams (traditional surrogate)  Emma Williams (gestational surrogate) Natasha Dalziell (Donor and surrogate)