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Parent-led education seminar on all aspects of surrogacy and egg donation journeys, including costs, pitfalls, embryo creation, legal issues, parentage, and specialist advice on domestic surrogacy.

IconSaturday 21 Nov
Timing Description

Understanding the Current Egg Donor and Surrogacy Landscape

An overview of options globally, including donor and surrogate availability, the ability to travel for donor-IVF, the impact of Covid-19 on programs, entry and exit processes as well as surrogate & clinic interaction.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Surrogate Screening & Matching

One of the globe’s most experienced surrogacy professionals, from an organisation supporting surrogates and intended parents for over 30 years provides a clear overview of what sort of screening and matching processes and timelines you should expect from the US surrogacy process.

Joanne Bubrick, Center for Surrogate Parenting, USA

Legal Considerations in Surrogacy & Donor Arrangements

Understand what legal protections are offered when it comes to surrogacy and egg donor IVF in particular US states compared to other jurisdictions.

Andy Vorzimer, Vorzimer Masserman Attorneys, USA

IVF Success Rates & Risks          

Do IVF clinics  publish audited success rates? How does this differ by country? What success rate measures should you look at? What sort of risks do you need to consider? How do birth rates differ based on age of the intended mother? Does PGD testing of embryos increase success?
Dr Said Daneshmand,  San Diego Fertility Center USA 

Sperm Shipping for OS Surrogacy Programs

Tammuz has been working with Growing Families and IVF clinics in Australia, the US & Colombia to facilitate the shipping of sperm ex Australia so singles and couples can commence surrogacy during travel lockdowns. Damien Chambers explains the program

Damien Chambers, Tammuz Surrogacy

Surrogacy Programs in Greece

MFI in Chania, Crete provides altruistic surrogacy programs for many heterosexual couples and single females. This talk covers the processes, surrogate screening and support as well as paperwork for Greek surrogacy for Australians

How Do Australians Navigate the Legal and Parentage Issues ?

This presentation looks at recent case studies and the history of Australians using OS surrogacy to show how the laws in various states are (or are not) given effect in relation to overseas surrogacy

Sarah Bevan, Sarah Bevan lawyers


Parent Panel

Heterosexual and gay Australian parents via surrogacy in Greece, US & Colombia share their experiences

Michael Bass (via Greece), Kat Patterson-Gray (via US) tbc (via Colombia)