It is important to track expenses so you can budget. Otherwise cost can quickly get out of control. Items that should be included in your budget are:

  • Legal Services
  • Travel
  • Medication
  • Medical (IVF, Check Ups, Delivery, Emergencies, Hospital Stay, Vaccinations, Check Up)
  • Daily rate for Surrogate months 1-7
  • Daily rate for Surrogate to live prior to giving birth
  • Your stay (for IVF process)
  • Skype and/or phone service
  • Your stay in Tabasco
  • Your stay in Mexico City (for exit paperwork)
  • Taxi/Car Service/Rental in Tabasco and Mexico City
  • any gifts for holidays, clothing,
  • passports, visas, translation services consular report of birth abroad.

The amounts are rough ranges.

Item Cost Details
Surrogate Expenses $8,000-$15,000 include food, utilities, transportation (to/from clinic), travel, rent, clothing and miscellaneous items.
calculated by considering rent and cost for incidentals such as taxis to medical appointments, clothes, vitamins and calcium supplements.
For items such as medical expenses your surrogate should keep receipts and submit these.
You would increase the daily rate to include additional expenses such as , taxi service to and from clinic, food (eating out more), etc.
If the surrogate books her own accommodation of your agency does you may only require $100 /week for accommodation. Providing an emergency fund (eg US$200) is also a good idea.
Medical Expenses $12,000-$20,000 These rates do not take into account medical complications (allow an additional $5,000 US, especially if twins).
IVF costs $1500 to $10,000. Some packages include the cost of medicine and psychological evaluation needed for matching intended parents with their surrogate…
Monthly check ups $400 Does not include emergency treatments; which can add up quite quickly.
Delivery costs $3000-$4000 for a normal delivery with a 50% increase for multiples
Legal Expenses $2500-$6,000 Having a good lawyer is critical to the process and worth paying a little extra for. Note you may have to pay for your lawyer to travel to city where contracts are executed.
Translator/ Advocate $2500-$6,000 Including their travel & expenses
Agency Fees -$10,000
Travel Expenses $5,000-$20,000

Allow around 20.000 USD for both Surrogate Expenses and Medical Expences (IVF not included; only pregnancy care and birth)

Depending of the country the Intended parentss are from, the surrogate has to travel once or twice to the embassy. These costs are individual travel costs and come in addition.