Melbourne Surrogacy Seminar November


Changes in Surrogacy & Egg Donor Options


For an individual or couple considering parenthood, understanding, and starting the family building process can be overwhelming. Growing Families are here to help. We educate intended parents on surrogacy and egg donation options in Australia and abroad, provide advice and support you along your journey from first engagement to taking home your baby.

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Join us at our half-day seminar in Melbourne

Saturday 5 November 12.00pm to 6.00pm

Here, we will address some of the changes in egg donor and surrogacy access and provide unique and critical updates. The seminar will cover medical aspects, egg donor issues, surrogate matching, travel and cryoshipping.

Date:         Saturday 5 November 2022
Time:        12.00pm to 6.00pm
Location:  Amora Riverwalk Hotel, 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond
Tickets:    $30 +gst


What You Will Learn

Growing Families events provide an opportunity to learn from a global program of practitioners, experts and surrogate parents.

This program has been carefully curated to provide the most relevant information for ‘intended parents’ starting or on their family building surrogacy journey.

This event will guide you on:

  • What legal rights the surrogate and/or donor have
  • The important considerations in egg donor selection
  • What the more affordable options are and the risks that they add
  • Understanding the difference in a fixed cost or pay-as-you-go program
  • The differences between regulated and unregulated destinations
  • How wait times to match with a suitable donor and surrogate differ by country and provider
  • An opportunity to network and connect with parents who have lived the donor IVF or surrogacy family building journey
  • Learn the destinations that allow gay couples and singles to engage in surrogacy
  • Learn about egg donor selection and what you should consider before making your decision
  • Understand the legal & practical issues around travel, birth certificates and parentage
  • Before making decisions, learn what egg donor options are available both at home and abroad
  • Understand why the Ukraine is now a dangerous destination option for surrogacy
  • Learn about the possibilities of shipping embryos you may already have
  • Understand the process of using donor eggs or sperm as a single person
  • Learn the destinations that allow a single person to engage in surrogacy
  • Connect with single parents who have been on this journey
  • With an interest in infertility or family building options

Date:         Saturday 5 November 2022
Time:        12.00pm to 6.00pm
Location:  Amora Riverside Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets:    $30+gst


Why You Should Attend Even If You Have Been Before:

Growing Families events focus on providing the latest information in an everchanging environment relevant to anyone interested in surrogacy. We constantly received new information on problematic agencies, wait times and new protections such as insurance and program guarantees. 

In the past year alone, the capacity and safety of some surrogacy programs has changed significantly.  Our events provide the latest vital information on programs and destinations that are the safest options at the time and with information on destinations that are at risk of closing.

So, no matter where you are in your family building journey, these events provide essential updates.


Growing Families have over 10 years of experience supporting 3000 singles and couples engaging in cross-border donor and surrogacy arrangements.

Protecting Your Health

To ensure the safest conference experience, presenters, staff, and attendees need to be fully vaccinated. Attendees may also be required to follow additional safety protocols, including wearing masks. 

Date:         Saturday 5 November 2022
Time:        12.00pm to 6.00pm
Location:  Amora 
 Riverwalk Hotel, 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond
Tickets:    $30+gst


“I was very pleased with the extent of the advice, guidance and information I received”  Fiona, Dublin Conference 2022 

“I enjoyed meeting with experts and parents”  Marg, Dublin Conference 2022

“Thank you for the avalanche of information and support”   Josh, Dublin Conference 2022


12.00 -12.15pm

Understand how others come to terms with needing donor eggs. Understand what motivated women to carry a child for someone else and what they want in return

Donna McCoull, Centre for Infertility Solutions Victoria

12.15 – 12.35pm

Understand why US surrogate availability & hence match times differ widely between providers how your preferences impact this and what kind of screening is vital.

Monica Buehler, Accel Conceptions, USA

12.35 – 12.55pm

Understand how others come to terms with needing donor eggs. Understand what motivated women to carry a child for someone else and what they want in return.

Dr Clifford Librach, Create IVF, Canada

12.55 – 1.05pm

Understand how US contracts protect you, birth certificates, when and how parentage transfer occurs, how long you need to be away from home.

Lisa Brant, The Baby Lawyers USA

12.55 – 1.05pm

Understand what countries require this? When should you engage? What are the timelines and costs? Whose DNA needs testing?

Emma Solly, DNA Labs

1.05 – 1.45pm


1.45 – 2.05pm

Learn the qualities of egg donors that can maximise quality & quantity of embryos and hence minimise the chance of requiring additional IVF cycles.

Dr Vuk Jovanovic, Tree of Life, USA

2.05 – 2.30pm

Understand donor and surrogate availability and match times, recruiting your own surrogate, how Canadian agencies support surrogates and what to expect along the way.

Leia Swanberg, Canadian Fertility Consulting
Cindy Wasser, Hope Springs Fertility Law

2.30 - 2.50pm

Provides insight to help set your expectations around key differences in surrogacy programs offered in the US vs Mexico & Colombia. What are you trading off by engaging in non-English speaking countries?

Gavin Lowes, New Gen Colombia and USA

2.50 – 3.05pm

Why is Argentina becoming so popular with gay singles and couples? Understand the costs, risks, exit times and program types available.

Dr Tamari Kachlishvili, Surrogacy Consulting

2.50 – 3.05pm

Understand the latest changes in enrolment requirements, support & exit processes for donor IVF or surrogacy in Georgia.

Natia Janadze, ReproArt, Georgia

3.05 – 3.20pm

Where are Guarantee Surrogacy Programs available? Are costs truly fixed? What elements do these programs cover and what are additional costs?

Steven Swanepoel, Tammuz Family

3.05 – 3.20pm

Understand who is eligible for surrogacy in Greece, how surrogate screening works, court processes, parental transfer, how costs have changed and expected timeframes.

Michael Bass, MFI, Greece

3.20 – 3.50pm


3.50 – 4.00pm

Understand the options, costs, paperwork and limitations in regard to shipping sperm, eggs or embryos from Australia.

Rodney Oldham, PakAir, Australia

4.00 – 4.05pm

Understand what supports are available for parents in relation to feeding, sleep routines, travel support and more.

Caroline Bilkey, Mummys Whispers

4.05 – 4.25pm

Understand what motivates Australian & overseas surrogates to carry, what are their support needs and expectations of intended parents.

Beth Williams (Aust. Surrogate), 

4.25 – 5.20pm

Hear real life stories from recent parents on how they made decisions on what providers to work with, what they really spent, what were their hurdles and how they were overcome.
This panel provides comparative feedback from four different countries of engagement, Canada, Australia, US and Georgia.

Moderator: Heather Anderson, Growing Families
Panelists: Andrew Boyd (Dad Via US),  Michelle Hill (Mum Via Greece),  Charlotte Coombes  (Egg Donor IVF, Greece),  Anita Fiorenze (Georgia) Kate R (mum via Canada)

5.20 – 6.00pm


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via email: [email protected].

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