Citizenship, Passports & Exit Visas

Some embassies (eg Australia) are demanding significantly more documentation from both commissioning parents and surrogates than was necessary in India or Thailand previously.

Commissioning parents must understand that the onus is on them to ensure that their surrogacy contract is binding and due process has been followed including ensuring the rights of their surrogates and relinquishing parental rights. It is also their responsibility to ensure appropriate and acceptable documentation is provided to their embassy and do due diligence and ensure no misleading and/or false documents and claims are submitted on behalf of their surrogate.


US Citizens

While surrogacte ID documents are required, these are being accepted at face value, without further checks.  Allow 3 weeks

UK Citizens

Likely to be similar to India for UK citizens. Hence allow 12-14 weeks

Israeli Citizens

Citizenship processes are reportedly very straightforward. Allow 7 days

Australian citizens

The Australian High Commission in New Delhi is responsible for approving citizenship for babies born to Australians in Nepal. Significant additional paperwork is required as well as a face-to-face interview with the surrogate and her spouse, in order to determine that informed consent has been obtained prior to embryo transfer and not under duress. Over 100 pages of paperwork needs to be submitted per child.

Australians are experiencing lengthy delays in obtaining citizenship – allow 5-6 weeks

For Australians with current pregnancies in Nepal

Ensure that

a)      you register with Lena at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi ( ) so they can provide you with detailed requirements

b)      you have a copy of your surrogate’s (and her husband’s if she has one) genuine identity documents

c)       No Objection Certificate and Parental Rights Waiver have been properly explained to the surrogate and their spouse

d)      you specify that surrogates or their spouses not travel from India to Nepal or vice versa without this being appropriately documented

e)      your surrogacy contract clearly describes payment milestones to surrogates

f)       your surrogates are paid in full once their obligations specified in the contract are met


For those without a current surrogate contract, DO NOT ENGAGE IN NEPAL


For those singles and couples who need assistance in exit processes, Delhi-based exit expert Poonam Jain is providing assistance on a fee basis. This can be customised to include one or more of

a) liaison with clinics/recruiters to ensure all surrogate/spouse paperwork is prepared well ahead of birth

b) On the ground practical support in both Nepal & India

c) Attendance at High Commission interviews on clients behalf

d) Other Nepali exit requirements.

Contact Poonam on or +91-9810203415 (India) or +977-9860483516  (Nepal)