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Citizenship, Passports & Visa Support for Australians

Growing Families has partnered with Far & Wide Migration to provide expert advice and Citizenship Visa and Travel support for Australians engaging in international surrogacy.

Your child(ren) born overseas though international surrogacy arrangements may be eligible for Australian citizenship & Passport subject to conforming with relevant policies.

Far & Wide migration are a registered migration agent and can provide expert advice to those who are Australian citizens, permanent residents and visa holders, around the process for gaining Australian travel documents and citizenship for their newborns

Roman Deauna is the principal of Far & Wide Migration. We recommend that all Australian intended parents via international surrogacy book a free initial consultation with Roman to assess their needs.

Many Australians are looking to travel to undertake Egg donor IVF and or surrogacy in international destinations.

Growing Families now offers services which can:

Citizenship & Passports