12.10 -12.30pm

Surrogacy in Mexico & Georgia– The Current State of Play

Some had written off Mexico for surrogacy after Tabasco state changed its laws. Learn about the differences between Mexico and Georgia in the awarding of local passports and  how you return to new Zealand post-birth . Like the US and Canada, Mexico issues passports for children born via Surrogacy, allowing them to apply for a visitor visa to enter new Zealand. Georgia doesnt issue local passports, but New Zealands can acess travel documents to return home before applying for a New Zealand passport. Parents via surrogacy Brian Yaden and Simon Romeo (a dad with a child via Mexico and one in planning) discuss their experience, the current state of play, health system practicalities and logistics of offshore surrogacy.

Brian Yaden, Miracle Surrogacy, Simon Romeo, Aust Dad via Mexico