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by Sam everingham

Posted on 2017-03-06 at 04:42:59

Male Factor Fertility Issues (Click to view)

Male-factor fertility issues are an under-acknowledged aspect of successful IVF. Advances in medical science also allow sperm-washing so HIV positive men can safely create embryos. Discusses sperm testing techniques, common issues that can be diagnosed and techniques to overcome low sperm counts

Dr Manuela Toledo, Melbourne IVF


Growing Families have been working around the clock in recent months to assist parents from Australia, USA, UK, mainland Europe and Asia to travel to births. It has meant countless hours assisting with airline protocols, paperwork, embassies, visa, ground transport and that most precious commodity – love and understanding.We are sharing feedback below from just […]

How ‘twinning’ Facebook emojis connected a couple to their surrogate When Mark and David began their surrogacy search, they had no idea something as simple as a Facebook comment could lead them to their dream of starting a family. For many couples and individuals who find themselves in need of a surrogate, it can be […]

If your surrogate is due to give birth prior to 30 July in a country with travel restrictions, please contact your surrogacy agency for advice. The following ‘source’ countries have set up channels of communication with governments in respect to emergency travel and fast-tracked document processing. If you are from one of these countries, email […]