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Surrogacy & Egg Donation is a complex area and you deserve to know everything involved. Too often intended parents engage without full awareness of the risks and how best to minimise the chance of problems . We help you start your family.

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Event Schedule 2022

We run best-practice seminars & conferences focused on bringing together intended parents, surrogates, donors, families through surrogacy and experts in the field. This is supported by website & social media resources, expert webinars and regular e-newsletters. Click to know more.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been devastating for not only Ukraine’s own people, but specifically for both agency staff and the surrogates that are carrying babies for foreign couples. The team at Growing Families is working long hours to support foreign intended parents, as well as supporting Ukraine surrogates, their children and most importantly newborns via surrogacy. This work is all voluntary and we are relying on the goodwill of international NGOs, Ukraine nannies, drivers, vehicles, hard-to-get ambulances along with the co-ordination of paperwork to assist with exit processes. Our organisation has been contacted by over 100 couples desperate for assistance, from 12 nations around the world Please consider donating something to support our work in assisting with Ukraine surrogate and newborn support. Your donation will help us save the lives of so many unaccompanies newborns currently waiting to be rescued from hospital basements, apartments

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via email: [email protected].

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