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Dublin Seminar

March 2020

10.30am, Maldron Hotel, 98 Pearse St, Dublin
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Irish Lawyers: PKHL Gfahy@pkhl.ie …..Other destinations: sam@growingfamilies.org

March 2020

IconDublin Sun 22 Mar 2020
Timing Description

Preparing for Egg Donation & Surrogacy

Looks in detail at the preparation and decisions required to best plan a safe family-building journey with the minimum of stress. Includes embryo creation options, medical and psychological preparation, budgeting, ways to control costs and ethical considerations.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

IVF Considerations in Surrogacy & Egg Donation

Understanding how you can enhance success rates through testing and good decision-making can save you tens of thousands. looks at what factors predict success, which you can and cant control, the pros and cons of PGS testing embryos

Jenny Cloherty, Lab Director, Galway Fertility Clinic

Coming To Terms with Infertility

For infertile women, it is vital that you address the grief and emotional ‘baggage’ associated with failed IVF and/or use of donor eggs or sperm, before you embark on this journey. This session provides some useful tools and resources to assist this process, and give you the strength to move forward.

Roisin Venables, Specialist Fertility Counsellor

Surrogacy Options For Gay Singles and Couples

Provides an objective look at the pros and cons of surrogacy programs currently being offered for gay singles and couples in the US, Canada, Colombia, Kenya, Cyprus, Mexico, Philippines and Czech Republic, the differences in legal protection, birth certificates, surrogate screening, exit processes and medical services.


Clinics or Agencies: What’s Best For You:

Your relationship with your donor and surrogate in Ukraine can be different than in other countries, some due to laws, often due to language and cultural barriers and vary within the country.  Clinics and agencies in Ukraine have different legal rights and regulation. Understand the difference and advantages and disadvantages of working with clinics directly and the differing types of agencies. Also provides information on Surrogate & Donor Screening & contact

Susan Kibler, Delivering Dreams

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Guarantee Programs for Surrogacy & Egg Donation

The pros and cons for ‘guarantee’ and ‘money-back’ programs. What do they guarantee? Can they be combined with a program which uses your own embryos first? How cost effective are they?

Olga Pysana, World Center of Baby, Ukraine

Risks and how to manage them

Wherever you engage in surrogacy, there are risks of low numbers of eggs retrieved, poor embryo quality, failed transfers, early or late miscarriage, preterm delivery and birth complications. Understanding these risks and how they can be minimised and overcome is essential.

Nadiia Meleneska, IVMed,

Lunch & Networking with parents and experts

Cross border and multi country surrogacy programs

A long-time industry professional provides his views on the practicalities of surrogacy and donor programs in destinations as diverse as Georgia, Kenya, Mexico, & India

Saarthak Bakshi

Immigration requirements following offshore surrogacy

Provides essential guidance on documentation for those returning to Ireland following offshore surrogacy

Poonam Jain



International  and domestic Surrogacy in Ireland + Step Parent Adoption
Covers legal issues surrounding surrogacy in Ireland,  Ukraine , Greece , USA and Canada . Ireland’s leading surrogacy law firm shares their advice, experience  and guidance to ensure your surrogacy journey is as safe as possible. Includes information about Irish fathers court application and  options for the second parent including step parent guardianship or step parent adoption. Provides an update on the status of Ireland’s Assisted Human Reproduction Bill 2017.

Annette Hickey, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan, Ireland

Parent Panel

Heterosexual and gay parents via surrogacy and/or egg donation discuss the details of their journeys in Ireland, US, Cyprus and Ukraine, what the most difficult parts were, disclosure to family and friends, how they overcome hurdles and how they chose particular providers to work with. Includes audience Q&A.

Moderator: Sam Everingham
Panelists: Mark Davidson (gay dad via US), Damien O’Donell (IP via Cyprus)  tbc (mum via Ukraine) Hugh Ramsay (dad via Ire/Canada)

Afternoon Tea & Networking

Surrogate Motivations & Expectations

A panel of surrogates from Ireland and Ukraine discuss what drives them to assist others and what expectations they have around relationships with their recipients

Nicole Memery (Irish surrogate), Becky Loftus Dore (Irish surrogate) Marina (Ukraine surrogate)

Breast Milk Donation, Induced Lactation and Formula feeding

Despite the mantra ‘Breast is best’, most infants via surrogacy rely solely on infant formula. But there are a number of supplementary options. Your surrogate may be comfortable expressing colostrum and/or breast milk. Many women in the community have excess breast milk they donate via informal networks. Intending mothers can take medication to induce lactation. This session provides fascinating insights into the pros and cons of all these and the data around infant outcomes.

Rachel Fitz-Desorgher

Ongoing support for families

For many , socialising with other Irish families with similar birth journeys is an important and rewarding aspect, not just for the parents but for the children that result. Groups available for domestic  surrogacy and for adoption, and indeed support for parents who engaged internationally in surrogacy, are a very important asset for families . This session launches Growing Families UK & Ireland Support Network and illustrates how you can connect with other families in your country and region.

Maureen Osayi