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Parent Stories
Clint Priest, single Dad via surrogacy completed his journey in the US and welcomed his baby Ollie into the world on the 18th of December.  Clint and other families via surrogacy will share about their experience and what kept them motivated at the
Sydney and Melbourne Conferences.
IVF Procedure for US Surrogacy
Dr S from Pacific Fertility LA breaks down the process. The team from Pacific Fertility are visiting Australia for the February Conferences and are
available for a consultations about the process
US Surrogate Carrying for an Overseas Parent
What is it like to be a surrogate in the US carrying for a overseas intended parent.  A surrogate with Agency for Surrogacy Solutions shares her experience.

“I can’t thank the Agency 4 Surrogacy Solutions enough for yet another successful surrogacy journey. I feel very blessed and extremely lucky to have met such wonderful people in all my journeys. While the Intended Parents were here we got together for dinner, we all made lasagna, which was amazing and my son and the IP’s daughter got to play. On another day they wanted to tour my shop where we do glass blowing so everyone came to the shop and I gave them a tour. I had one of the guys at the shop make them a beautiful vase for them to take back home, they really enjoyed the tour. On Saturday we went to my sister’s house to meet the rest of my family. It was my niece’s birthday and everyone loved meeting everyone. We definitely spent a lot of time together. They arrived home today and I miss them already. What a journey it has been and truly a wonderful one to say the least!! Thank you so very much for partnering me with such wonderful lovable amazing people!! And thank you for all the support that was given to me during my journey. Thank you so much!! I really love Agency 4 Surrogacy Solutions that is why I recommend you to all my friends that want to do surrogacy, I wouldn’t choose any other. Thank you!”

EU, Gestational Surrogate USA 
Lauri and Kathryn from A4SS will be in Australia for the February Conference to talk about Surrogate Journeys and can be booked for a consultation via [email protected]
Surrogacy in the Ukraine the Process
A step by step guide for what to expect when creating your family via donation and surrogacy in the Ukraine

Step by Step

  1. Contact the Lotus Surrogacy office for further information and a free consultation.
  2. Have all your questions answered clearly and promptly.
  3. Sign a contract
  4. Egg Donors (if needed) and a surrogate are recruited for you.
  5. Extensive medical tests are conducted on your Egg Donor.
  6. Extensive medical tests are conducted on your surrogate.
  7. Lotus office will collate all tests results and pass the conclusions onto the Intended Parents.
  8. The Intended Parents will go through a series of medical tests in their home country and send the results to Lotus Surrogacy. These results will be reviewed by our partner fertility clinic.
  9. Agency will fully escort and assist you with your first visit to Ukraine (if you chose to come to Ukraine before the baby is born). We will arrange meetings with the fertility clinic and your surrogate. We will accompany you while signing the contracts with your surrogate and the fertility clinic. All contracts will be drafted by local lawyers who work with Lotus and who specialize in surrogacy law.
  10. All contracts will be presented to you before your trip, so you can review them and consult your lawyer.
  11. Lotus will coordinate your trip including transportation, lodging and of course, coordinate all meetings with our partner clinic and your surrogate.
  12. If needed, Lotus can organise logistics and transfers of frozen semen/embryos to our partner clinic.
  13. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, Lotus will supervise your surrogate during the pregnancy to ensure that your baby is well taken care of. Lotus will coordinate all medical visits and scans for your surrogate and send updates to Intended Parents.
  14. During the pregnancy, Lotus will make sure that you receive all medical updates concerning your surrogate and your baby and any information regarding the pregnancy and birth.
  15. After the birth of your baby, Lotus Surrogacy will assist you to receive the Birth Certificate (in your names). In addition, we will assist you with all of the necessary documentation for you to present at your embassy in order to receive a travel document for the new born, for your safe and happy return home.

To begin the process book a one-on-one consultation with Ukraine surrogacy expert [email protected]

Legal Support for Australians Considering Surrogacy
Cassandra from Kalpaxis Law and Simply Surrogacy offerers support and advice
To discuss your unique case with Cassandra contact
Kalpaxis [email protected]
Rainbow Families Mardi Gras Float
Join the float with the Rainbow Families community this February
Book your interest via https://www.rainbowfamilies.com.au/mardi_gras_parade
One on one consultations with surrogacy experts available here