Famillies through Surrogacy

Australian Altruistic Donor & Surrogacy Conference

This four hour online event provides the chance to learn about egg donor and surrogacy options here in Australia.

You will hear from surrogates, parents, donors, surrogacy-conceived children, expert lawyers, counsellors and doctors. This is an extra-ordinary once-yearly opportunity to understand all aspects of this area.


  • What if I don’t know if domestic or international options are for me? This is a common issue. Try to attend both events to be fully informed
  • Are refunds possible if I cant make it? No
  • Will sessions be audio or video-recorded? We cant guarantee this due to the sensitive and emotional nature of some of the topics
  • How often is this conference? Once per year
  • Are there social functions? This year, due to Covid restrictions, the conference is online only

Event date and time: Sat 14 Nov 2020

Location and venue: online 9.30-11.40am & 12.30-2.30pm (AEST)

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Altruistic options (2 x 2 hr webinar)
AUD 15