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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Nir Keren

CreATE IVF & Babies Come True, Canada

Guy Tatsa

Founder, BabyBloom

Dr Rosa Propato

EmbryoClinic, Greece

Lucy Fallon

Irish Mum via Ukraine (Dublin)

Robert Gilmour

SKO Family Specialist Lawyers, Scotland

Kim Cotton

Surrogate and Founder, COTS

Hannah Bailey

Parent via Canada (London & Edinburgh)

Chris Dreyfus-Gibson

Parent via Canada (London)

Stacy Owen

Parent via Ukraine (London)

Mandy Ross Chisholm

Mum via local surrogacy (Edinburgh)

Udi Keisary-Jones

Gay Dad via USA (London only)

Sarah Bentley

Parent via UK surrogacy (London)

Liron Nathan-Levo

Dad via US surrogacy (Dublin & Edinburgh)

Claire Kelly

Host Surrogate (Edinburgh)