Alex Maron

Alex Maron is the Program Director of Hatch Egg Donor & Surrogacy based in Los Angeles. Founded in 1991, for over 10 years, Alex has personally been helping families achieve their dreams to have children. As a mother of 3, Alex understands the love of parenthood and has been a passionate advocate for parents from all backgrounds and walks of life.

The team provides a high-touch experience based on a passion for helping people become parents by matching them with exceptional donors and loving surrogates. They have an extensive database and a rigorous screening process that is overseen by a world-class physician with over 30 years of experience. Quality is the priority, however to reduce costs for intended parents, they have partnered with top fertility doctors in the USA and have made available optional one-stop-shop packages for IVF, surrogacy and egg donation with live births guaranteed and no surprise expenses.

Complimentary One on One Consultations is included in your webinar ticket. To book please email: [email protected]