Alfonso Layson

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-09-17 at 05:50:35

Alfonso is an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, and leads the surrogacy practice at Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers. He has helped many intended parents and surrogates navigate through the challenging legal process. He clients include Australian intended parents with local surrogacy arrangements, Australian intended parents with international surrogacy arrangements, and international intended parents who have a relevant connection with Australia. He has also advised numerous surrogates, as well as advising surrogacy professionals on legal aspects of their work. He greatly enjoys being able to help guide his clients through the exciting process of creating (or adding to) a family through surrogacy, but as it is a process fraught with potential legal difficulties his vast experience helps smooth this process for his clients.


______________________________________________________________________________ Preliminary studies from China show no evidence that if a surrogate was infected with Co-Vid-19 she would pass it on to the child she births. Additional Time Off Work for Your Surrogate Some intended parents may want their surrogate to take additional time off work or work from home. The former may incur significant […]

For those intended parents undertaking international surrogacy in Georgia or Ukraine, it is important to be aware that your baby or babies will be born stateless and that you will need to apply for Australian citizenship by descent before you can come back home. In order to prove a biological relationship, The Department of Home Affairs will […]

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Surrogacy is regulated in most Australian states & territories. This means there is no uniform law nationally. Currently, there are no surrogacy laws in the northern territory, Victoria and South Australia have progressed significant reforms recently. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Australia Only Altruistic surrogacy is permitted and the intended parents have to cover all […]