Anita Fiorenza

Anita was diagnosed with cancer and required a radical hysterectomy in 2011 when she was 28. She and her partner Anthony initially tried surrogacy in Asia but were at a loss with the system and costs. After that unsuccessful attempt and 9 years of infertility and hopelessness, Anita & Anthony refused to give up. They flew to Georgia and completed a few rounds of sperm collection and donor egg surrogacy over Christmas 2019. Their clinic made 7 good quality embryos and they transferred one. This lead to the natural birth of Annabelle in Sept 2020 (Anita’s surrogate wanted a holistic, drug-free birth). They arrived home out of quarantine on Christmas day 2020 to celebrate a family lunch. It was a dream come true. The couple were both 39 years old. They  look forward to  using their remaining embryos to create a sibling for Annabelle.