Brett Galvin

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-09-18 at 01:06:21

Brett & Stuart are a Sydney couple who have been together for 8 years, married for 3, with UK and New Zealand citizenship at the time they embarked on surrogacy. They engaged with  Create IVF in Toronto for the transfer. Their donor came from a US Egg Donation agency and they worked with ANU Fertility in Canada as their surrogacy agency. Their son, Findlay, was born very premature at 24 weeks and 490gms and is now a healthy and very happy one year old. Brett will discuss their Canadian experience and surviving the pitfalls of when things don’t quite go to plan.


This guest blog is from Karen Holden at A City Law Firm. Getting advice early and being prepared, can help you have a smooth surrogacy journey, but if it goes wrong it’s not the end of the journey. Traditional Surrogacy in the UK. There are numerous pitfalls of undertaking your surrogacy journey in the UK. […]

Ukrainian Surrogate

For many couples who have experienced medical complications in pregnancy, including the heartbreak of late miscarriage or still-birth, working with a surrogate to create their family becomes the best way forward. However surrogacy arrangements can be complicated emotionally and logistically. Our information days profile surrogates, egg donors and parents who have gone down this route. […]

When James and Sara first decided on surrogacy as a mode to pursue their parenthood dreams, their minds were full of doubts and questions. They checked everything – online reviews and experiences of intended parents who had taken similar journeys But they were keen to understand whether there was a ‘ best surrogacy agency in […]