Caroline Lindsay Poulsen

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2016-02-23 at 08:22:17

Caroline Lindsay-Poulsen B.L., Cand.Jur. (Copenhagen University, Denmark), Maitrise de Droit (L’ Universite Aix-Marseille III), L.L.M. (Trinity College, Dublin), is a practising member of the Irish Bar. She specialises in Surrogacy law, has spoken at numerous conferences on Surrogacy  and published “Surrogacy: the quest for legal recognition” in the Irish Law Times, 2012, Vol. 30, No. 1,2 & 3.


In my capacity as an expert on cross-border surrogacy globally, I was invited to an International Forum In Cambridge, UK on 29-30 June this year. Experts were weighted towards lawyers and non-profits from the UK, US & Australia, with reasonable representation from Switzerland,  China, Hong Kong, South Africa & New Zealand and much smaller representation of […]

As well as running conferences and webinars, International family building expert Sam Everingham  has been working these past two years with a colleague on a book – Surrogacy Stories – which takes a deep dive into the family building journeys of  twenty singles and couples from 11 nations. They include single men, single females, as […]

Irish mums Vis Surrogacy

As Irish mothers continue the fight for legal recognition, Growing Families returns to Dublin for the first time in two years to host its popular seminar series focusing on the latest developments in surrogacy and egg donation. With Covid-19 having affected travel and program availability and Irish legislators getting huge pressure to improve Ireland’s legal […]