Cedric Van Borren

Alex and Cedric live in London, UK, and are the parents of Chloe, who was born on 27 February 2019.  Chloe was born through surrogacy in Montgomery, Alabama.  Her first few months were very challenging from a health and emotional perspective, as she was born at 24 weeks of pregnancy (i.e. 4 months too early), and was approx. 700 grams (1.5 lbs) at birth.  Despite several setbacks, including three brain surgeries, she is now a normal toddler, who walks and starts speaking in English (Alex’s native language) and French (Cedric’s native language).  Alex and Cedric are now expecting their second child, who is due in August 2021.

“Our first experience of surrogacy was challenging, given the circumstances of Chloe’s birth.  Every day with Chloe is full of joy though, and we would encourage any same-sex couple (or any couple who cannot have children by their own) to consider the journey.  Key is to be prepared, and accept that everything will not always work according to plan.  We feel very lucky that Chloe is developing well despite her tough start.  She is very “switched on” and energetic, and we are now very excited to introduce her soon to her younger brother or sister.”