Charlotte Kimber

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2020-01-01 at 07:19:16

Charlotte and her partner turned to surrogacy due to suffering the perfect storm of repeat miscarriages, uterine scarring and crashing fertility levels (4 freeze all cycles, 3 with PGS testing, produced only 1 good embryo). Charlotte also has Ashermans syndrome. As they already had a daughter, Charlotte  felt they wouldn’t find a match in the UK , so felt America was their best bet.  However they were on a mission to do it on a budget. Charlotte matched independently through Facebook with a US surrogate, spending 10 months building a strong relationship before transfer.  Their daughter Juliette Elizabeth (aka Buffy) was born in September 2019, and they were home 2.5 weeks later. Charlotte will discuss managing an independent journey.


As 2019 comes to a close, it is worth looking back over the year at some of the trends as well as learnings in regard to Family building thru Surrogacy and or Egg Donation globally. Over the year, we ran 10 seminars in Australia, 8 in Europe, 1 in New Zealand, our National Australian conference […]

The issue of COVID-19 vaccine administration in pregnancy is a really contentious topic. Various professional organizations have offered guidance that has ranged from a strong endorsement of receiving vaccination to a more cautious stance. Evidence is showing that pregnant women are a high-risk category. What this means is if surrogates contract Covid and this develops […]

Understanding Surrogacy Terminology

This pandemic situation has brought everyone’s life to a standstill. So, if you are an intended parent looking for a surrogacy program, there are certain precautions and factors you must consider beforehand. Are agencies still operating surrogacy programs during the Covid-19 outbreak? Nearly all surrogacy agencies continue to accept intended parents, although in Georgia new […]