Christian & Juan Fernandez

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2016-12-28 at 01:15:02

Christian & Juan both grew up in Spain. They have settled together in Sydney and their son Anxo was born in Mexico in 2016.  Their video & photo diaries of their son’s first year have been a joy to follow. Keen for a sibling for Anxo, they found an Australian surrogate Cassie, after just hours on the ASC forum. Cassie is due to give birth late in 2017. They’l talk about their experience of surrogacy in Australia and how it compared to their Mexico  experience.


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In my capacity as an expert on cross-border surrogacy globally, I was invited to an International Forum In Cambridge, UK on 29-30 June this year. Experts were weighted towards lawyers and non-profits from the UK, US & Australia, with reasonable representation from Switzerland,  China, Hong Kong, South Africa & New Zealand and much smaller representation of […]

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