Constantina Tsiambaou

Alexios and Dina surrogacy journey started as a result of Dina’s gynecological challenges (endometriosis, fibroids, adhesions, 2 surgeries and as many doctors said… “putting her life in risk if she was to carry her own baby”). They researched a lot in order to make their dream come true, taking them to many doctors and clinics in the UK, Greece before deciding on US regulated surrogacy. They spoke to a lot of agencies before making a decision. “You need to learn to trust the process as there are experts that have gone through this process many times and everyone: the agency, the surrogate, the doctors, etc want this to succeed. We knew what to expect, we were receiving proactive information and follow-up information and everyone was there for us to answer any question we had small or big. We were guided throughout and the process was very smooth and uneventful. We felt safe”. The biggest challenge they faced was being able to trust the process from such a distance.  Their boy  John, was born in September 2020. Alexios and Dina are happy to help other intended parents