Craig for FTS

Craig Reisser

Craig Reisser is a parent through egg donor surrogacy in the USA.  He and his partner Massimo have two boys (4 years and 2 yrs).  Their two journeys have taken them to both US coasts and they have personally experienced many of the different options that intended parents are faced with deciding between: fresh vs. frozen transfers; transferring 1 vs. 2 embryos; with or without PGS; working with a first time vs. experienced egg donor and/or surrogates; working with a surrogate with vs. without her own health insurance.  Before becoming a dad Craig was an international investment banker for nearly 20 years.  He now leads Oregon Reproductive Medicine’s international programs, and Craig helps intended parents understand their various options when it comes to egg donor surrogacy so that they can make the informed decisions that are right for them.