Dwayne Jude

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-12-20 at 07:08:28

Dwayne and his partner Shane were just two ordinary blokes looking to create family. Together a decade before they started talking kids, they posted on a surrogacy forum announcing their search. Their post caught the eye of Amelia, an experienced young surrogate, looking for another couple to carry for. Within a short time they had agreed to work together, forming Team Tango. Their journey had its tough points – with Amelia in Sydney, there were many times they wanted to help but distance made it impossible. Support, flexibility and patience are keywords in surrogacy and luckily these guys had all three qualities in spades. Amelia was over 40 weeks pregnant by the time she went into labour and it was no easy process. Their daughter Zara was finally born on 25th August. Dwayne will share what they learned


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