Eva John

Eva & Andre  struggled to conceive for nearly 10 years. After many IVF attempts with no positive result they attended a CSP Seminar in Sydney in 1998. They became one of the earliest Australian  couples using Surrogacy. CSP presented them with an amazing, well screened surrogate. They got to know each other through letters, photos and over the phone.  Tina fell pregnant on the second attempt. Throughout Tina’s pregnancy a network of experienced social workers, a psychologist, and other surrogates helped to navigate Tina’s journey. It meant Tina did not feel alone even though Eva was thousands of miles away.The most memorable moment  was holding Andy at the birth! Karen and Joanne were representing CSP even back in 1998! US Surrogacy lawyer Andy Vorzimer  prepared their contract documents and has become of the US leading fertilitry attorneys