Frank Pedersen

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2017-05-16 at 22:22:16

Based at the University of Southern Denmark, Mr Pedersen’ main area of research is the legal regulation of assisted reproduction. He is an expert in the Danish legal rules about surrogacy, as well as the regulation of surrogacy internationally. He enjoys in Denmark a reputation as the leading expert in this field. What in a legal context constitutes “motherhood” and the plurality or absence of such is another area of his research. He has expertise in the European Court of Human Rights surrogacy case rulings. He lectures about Danish regulation regarding engage in surrogacy abroad.

Frank has presented at the Surrogacy Symposium organized by the International Academy of Martrimonial Lawyers. He is closely involved in the research project REMM: Reproductive Medicine and Mobility. His expertise is assisted by his personal experience as father to a 4½ year old daughter born by gestational surrogacy in USA.


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