Hugh Ramsay

by devuser

Posted on 2019-08-30 at 03:38:02

Dr Hugh Ramsay is a gay Irish dad who engaged in altruistic gestational surrogacy with an Irish surrogate, Nicole. Because no Irish IVF clinic would assist, they all travelled to Canada for the egg donation, embryo creation and IVF transfer process. He and his partner had their second baby (Roan) 3 months ago in Canada wit the help of Create IVF and Proud Fertility, a small agency in Calgary. Hugh will share their story of building family amidst Covid-19.


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Surrogacy FAQs

What is a surrogate? The word surrogate just means appointed to act in the place of.  Surrogacy refers to an arrangement whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of gestating and giving birth to a child for a couple or single person with the intention of giving that child to that person/people […]


Gay dad Rodney Cruise is something of an expert on setting expectations in Co-parenting arrangements. Over the last 14 years Rodney and his Taiwanese partner Jeff have between them fathered a child via surrogacy, four via co-parenting with two lesbian couples and five further children via ‘identity-release’ sperm donation. For many busy professionals, co-parenting seems […]

Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Altruistic surrogacy means that the surrogate derives no financial benefit from being a surrogate with the exception of having her reasonable expenses of the surrogacy paid. Commercial surrogacy is the opposite, being an arrangement whereby the surrogate obtains a financial benefit beyond her expenses for […]