James Sweetbaum

James & his partner JP, who live in Auckland NZ, had been together 17 years when they decided that life was not complete without children.  James went to university in the US so they decided on a US surrogacy journey with the help of Rich Vaughn at LA based IFLG – International Fertility Law Group & the advice of NZ lawyer Margaret Casey QC on all New Zealand matters relating to adoption, immigration & compliance matters. They made embryos with Dr Said Daneshmand (now at San Diego Fertility) and were matched with surrogate Valerie Kimball (who now works with Pitter Patter surrogacy) by Donor Concierge in CA.  After a first failed transfer after 5 weeks, Valerie brought their son Anton (now 4 1/2) and 18 months later, a second child Elio (now nearly 3) into the world, both born in California.  James will discuss the ups and downs of their journey.