Jane Wilson

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-02-22 at 22:34:55

Jane lives in Bristol and joined Surrogacy UK back in 2005. A highly experienced surrogate, she has four children of her own and has undertaken four surrogacy journeys. Jane’s first surrogate journey used her own eggs and nine attempts at insemination over nine months before a baby boy was successfully conceived and born to a straight couple in London in February 2008. Determined to keep helping, her second surrobabe was a girl born to another straight couple from the New Forest in June 2010, conceived on the first attempt through traditional surrogacy. Jane went on to carry a sibling for this family, and birthed in September 2012. Her last surrogacy journey resulted a little boy born in  October 2014 for a couple in Nottinghamshire.


This guest blog is from Karen Holden at A City Law Firm. Getting advice early and being prepared, can help you have a smooth surrogacy journey, but if it goes wrong it’s not the end of the journey. Traditional Surrogacy in the UK. There are numerous pitfalls of undertaking your surrogacy journey in the UK. […]

Lawyer, Stewart Dalley of D&S Law, has both lived and professional experience of surrogacy, having represented several people with their surrogacy journeys (domestically and internationally) as well as having three children of his own through surrogacy. Stewart is considered an expert in the field of the laws related to human assisted reproduction, including surrogacy, sperm, […]

kate Ranger

Each October scores of attendees come together in six different Australian capital cities – singles, couples, gay and heterosexual, some in their twenties, some in their fifties. They share a common goal – to create family with the help of yet unknown angels – donors and surrogates. It is these more complex journeys to parenthood […]