Jenny Cloherty

Jenny Cloherty has worked as a Clinical Embryologist for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of the field.  She joined the Galway Fertility Clinic in 1997 and progressed with the clinic to her current role as Laboratory Director. Her main interests are in the implementation of new processes, such as egg freezing and genetic testing of embryos, which have expanded the services available in Galway Fertility Clinic, one of the few clinics worldwide that uses time lapse analysis for every cycle of IVF treatment.  She was a founding member of the Irish Clinical Embryologists Association and the current Chair of the Irish Fertility Society. Jenny has a keen understanding of the details required to make IVF successful, and personally oversees the most difficult cases. With Known Consignor Status from the IAA, she has arranged international transfers of sperm and embryos for patients, allowing couples to focus on each part of their fertility journey separately. Galway Fertility Clinic is now part of the larger FutureLife group of Fertility Clinics, allowing for support from a wider family across Europe.