Josh Hatten

by devuser

Posted on 2022-08-22 at 14:20:01

Josh (Panelist) & Dean, a married couple from London, England, began their surrogacy journey in early 2020, and just received a positive pregnancy result last month. Throughout their journey they went through several matches, finally meeting the perfect egg donor and surrogate to help them start their family. They were drawn to surrogacy in Canada because of the robust legal framework, personal connections with many Canadians, and an alignment in values.


Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Altruistic surrogacy means that the surrogate derives no financial benefit from being a surrogate with the exception of having her reasonable expenses of the surrogacy paid. Commercial surrogacy is the opposite, being an arrangement whereby the surrogate obtains a financial benefit beyond her expenses for […]

Many of us have benefited from egg donors to have a family – now its our turn to give back by becoming a sperm donor. Over the past couple of years, Australia has seen sperm donor waitlists escalate because of the pandemic. We’ve also seen increased demand for sperm, with increasing numbers of single women […]

The global landscape is always changing. Below are some recent developments you should be aware of. *          In Australia and New Zealand, there are important changes to RTAC guidelines around embryo shipping. We are holding a session on this at the Conference.  *          On 12 May, the Northern Territory became Australia’s last jurisdiction to pass […]