Kate Fruin-Smith

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2017-09-14 at 23:59:08

Kate is the moderator of a popular surrogacy forum called Hope . She is married to Rebecca  who have five children between them you youngest been carried by Rebecca conceived using a known sperm donor. Kate has engaged in straight  (using own eggs) and host (gestational) surrogacy. She has had two successful journeys for a same sex couple and for a Nigerian / British couple. She is now working with Jason, a single male recipient. Their first transfer ended in an ectopic pregnancy and termination. She will discuss what motivates her to keep assisting childless couples



Sarah Jefford

Australia’s eighth annual surrogacy & donor conference for intended parents for the first time had a whole day devoted to domestic surrogacy. A record crowd of 180 intended parents attended from around the country, to network,  and hear from experts, panels of surrogates, parents, egg donors, and donor-conceived children. The success of the event would […]

Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Altruistic surrogacy means that the surrogate derives no financial benefit from being a surrogate with the exception of having her reasonable expenses of the surrogacy paid. Commercial surrogacy is the opposite, being an arrangement whereby the surrogate obtains a financial benefit beyond her expenses for […]

The issue of COVID-19 vaccine administration in pregnancy is a really contentious topic. Various professional organizations have offered guidance that has ranged from a strong endorsement of receiving vaccination to a more cautious stance. Evidence is showing that pregnant women are a high-risk category. What this means is if surrogates contract Covid and this develops […]