Kate Wigg

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-10-21 at 12:16:45

With multiple clotting disorders, Kate had known she couldn’t carry a pregnancy since the age of 16 years, given the risks to her and the unborn baby. Her eldest sister in the ACT, out of the blue offered to be their surrogate. Commencing a cycle they created 6 frozen day 3 embryos. After 6 months they thawed and none survived. A second cycle created more Day 5 blastocysts  and a fresh transfer this time led to the birth of daughter Ruby.


How ‘twinning’ Facebook emojis connected a couple to their surrogate When Mark and David began their surrogacy search, they had no idea something as simple as a Facebook comment could lead them to their dream of starting a family. For many couples and individuals who find themselves in need of a surrogate, it can be […]

There are thousands with health or fertility issues or a lack of the necessary anatomy that might once have prevented them raising a genetically connected child. Not anymore. When Film-maker and activist Lance Black and Tom Daley announced they were going to be dads via surrogacy in the UK press, there had been mixed reactions. […]

Ukrainian Surrogate

For many couples who have experienced medical complications in pregnancy, including the heartbreak of late miscarriage or still-birth, working with a surrogate to create their family becomes the best way forward. However surrogacy arrangements can be complicated emotionally and logistically. Our information days profile surrogates, egg donors and parents who have gone down this route. […]