Kristina Judd

Kristina, the owner and creator of Facebooks online platform for sperm donation, Australian Sperm Donors Surrogacy and Co-Parenting, with over 3000 members, came to fruition in 2017 when Kristina found the financial outlay for IVF for same sex couples was exceptionally unaffordable for a millennial in this day and age. Hence ASDSCP was born, this became a neich platform for those with a more financial/career driven focus to have a family later in life and a way for those to find a altruistic way to have their own family, in more than one capacity, from all walks of life. Kristina is a qualified Dermal Clinician studying to become a paediatric nurse and in her spare time chases after 4 dog fur babies of her own and monitors and guides members to make their dreams come true. Even her herself will start this journey this year with a donor from her own platform