Leah Ellis

Leah and husband James have two gorgeous girls, both born via surrogacy through the incredible generosity of two different women.

Leah’s surrogacy journey began in 2013, following a bowel cancer diagnosis coupled with the news that she may never be able to have children. Prior to her treatment, Leah and James were successful in creating embryos. On the 3rd transfer Leah’s cousin fell pregnant and their daughter was born in January 2016.  With embryos on ice they commenced exploring options for their sibling journey.

They investigated both local and overseas options attending seminars and conferences and decided that their ideal scenario was finding a local surrogate. They met Julie within the community and embarked on what became a challenging journey and after success on the 6th transfer, they welcomed their 2nd daughter into their world in May 2019.

Leah and James experienced two very different surrogacy journeys and there were times where it felt like the hurdles were insurmountable, but they never gave up hope on achieving their dream of becoming parents. They will be forever grateful for their beautiful family, which would not have been possible without surrogacy.