Lean & Diarmuid

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2019-09-20 at 00:21:22

Following a number of miscarriages and a hormonal breast cancer diagnosis, surrogacy was the only option available to Lean & Diarmuid to grow their family. A long, difficult and expensive road – with plenty of bumps along the way – however ultimately worthwhile – their son Alex was born in Canada in June 2019. Lean will discuss their experiences of shipping embryos and engaging in the Canadian altruistic model


Surrogacy can fall into the categories of altruistic or commercial. Altruistic surrogacy means that the surrogate derives no financial benefit from being a surrogate with the exception of having her reasonable expenses of the surrogacy paid. Commercial surrogacy is the opposite, being an arrangement whereby the surrogate obtains a financial benefit beyond her expenses for […]

Surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy is an exciting journey and an ideal option when you are unable to conceive on your own. However the current Covid-19 pandemic brings added stress to both surrogates and intended parents, particularly when working at a great distance from each other. So during surrogacy arrangements now more than ever, a relaxed mind is essential […]

When James and Sara first decided on surrogacy as a mode to pursue their parenthood dreams, their minds were full of doubts and questions. They checked everything – online reviews and experiences of intended parents who had taken similar journeys But they were keen to understand whether there was a ‘ best surrogacy agency in […]