Lisa Ifould

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2018-01-30 at 03:09:18

Lisa is 33 years old and started surrogacy in 2013.  She is a single mum to three children and is very happy with the size of her family. Still, she wanted to use her womb for others given her pregnancies and births had always been straight forward.  Lisa choose straight (traditional) surrogacy as she viewed her eggs as another thing she was wasting each month so why not give them to a couple who needed them? Successful after each first attempt, Lisa carried identical twin boys in 2014 and a little boy in July 2017 for the same couple. She and her IPs have a real friendship and still keep in contact and visit each month.  The twins  call her auntie.  However four months after her last journey Lisa was diagnosed with PostNatal Depression, which has been hard for her family to fully understand as it has been months since having the baby. Lisa will discuss the feelings of uselessness and loneliness which hit her after he last journey and what she would have done differently



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