Lukas Picton

Lukas and his husband Greg began their journey to parenthood at this very conference back in 2017. It was at this event, after listening to the speakers and hearing the stories of other IPs that they decided to pursue altruistic surrogacy here in Australia. Shortly after this a family friend offered to be their egg donor and Greg’s sister generously offered to be their surrogate. Working with IVF Australia at Westmead Lukas and Greg undertook two IVF cycles with their first egg donor and nine embryo transfers with Greg’s sister. Under guidance from their fertility specialist, they sought out a new egg donor and few years later a new surrogate. They met their current surrogate, Claire, via the Australian Surrogacy Community group on Facebook. After a mammoth journey that included four IVF cycles with their two respective egg donors, and a total of 12 frozen embryo transfers, Lukas and Greg’s son Grayson was born on 2 August 2021. Lukas has started writing a book about his and Greg’s experiences as IPs in the hope that their journey can help others pursuing their dream of parenthood via surrogacy.