Machelle Young

by devuser

Posted on 2021-05-14 at 06:49:05

After having experienced multiple negative transfers and miscarriages as a gestational surrogate, Machelle delivered a baby as a clinic-facilitated traditional surrogate in November 2020. Their team navigated COVID lockdowns and restrictions as well as finding out that her Intended Mother was pregnant at the same time that I was. The relationship dissolved post-birth, but we are currently exploring another journey with new IPs.


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Surrogacy FAQs

What is a surrogate? The word surrogate just means appointed to act in the place of.  Surrogacy refers to an arrangement whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant for the purpose of gestating and giving birth to a child for a couple or single person with the intention of giving that child to that person/people […]

There are thousands with health or fertility issues or a lack of the necessary anatomy that might once have prevented them raising a genetically connected child. Not anymore. When Film-maker and activist Lance Black and Tom Daley announced they were going to be dads via surrogacy in the UK press, there had been mixed reactions. […]

This guest blog is from Australian mum Jessie Schuhart McRae who will speak at the 4 July Domestic Surrogacy Webinar Infertility isn’t something you ever think about growing up.  You fall in love, get married and say one day when we are ready we will start our family.  For us we did a lot of […]