Mandy Ross Chisholm

After being diagnosed with severe endometriosis at the age of 24, Mandy found herself on over a decade of unsuccessful roller-coaster IVF attempts, costing her health problems and her long-term relationship.

Fast forward to 2013, she and her new husband decided to give IVF another shot, this time privately overseas. Unfortunately, this again saw more failed IVF transfers and in 2015 the discovery of a massive ovarian cyst, meaning that Mandy would require surgery. It was at this time that the IVF consultant suggested surrogacy as their only real remaining option to have their biological child. Devastated at the news, but remaining positive, Mandy went on to arm herself with as much information on surrogacy as possible. Researching US, Greek and other international options before discounting them in favour of independent surrogacy in the UK. She joined several online FB surrogacy groups and befriended many wonderful people in the surrogacy world, prior to meeting Katie, a first-time Gestational Surrogate. Over the course of the following two years, both families built a strong bond, during which time Mandy underwent a full hysterectomy, supported by Katie. Then, only two months following, they travelled overseas to their IVF clinic again… Katie fell pregnant (fourth time lucky) with their embryo and brought into the world their very long awaited baby boy, born in December 2017. Katie and Mandy remain firm friends and have built a relationship beyond surrogacy… Mandy maintains, Katie is the sister she never had and surrogacy has given them an extended family on either side of the border.