Marco & Kate

by Sam Everingham

Posted on 2020-05-14 at 11:07:09

Marco and Kate tried with IVF for around 4 years unsuccessfully without really any explanation why was not working. They started their surrogacy journey after one of the FTS’ Melbourne seminars  in 2018. They then starting working on the necessary steps such as VARTA approval to ship their last embryo to Canada. They started talking with a potential surrogate and after two weeks conversation all the parties decided to go ahead. After 3 months of paperwork, medical tests etc. in September 2018 the clinic proceeded with the embryo transfer. Nine months later in July 2019 Camilla was born.


Single Men

Single Men Creating Families

Planned single parenting used to be a trend only seen amongst single women using donor sperm. But in recent years, with the increasing popularity of surrogacy in Australia and abroad, more and more Single Men or Gay Males are opting to bring up children on their own. Surrogacy programs in countries without any surrogacy law […]

How ‘twinning’ Facebook emojis connected a couple to their surrogate When Mark and David began their surrogacy search, they had no idea something as simple as a Facebook comment could lead them to their dream of starting a family. For many couples and individuals who find themselves in need of a surrogate, it can be […]

While Hong Kong, Bangkok and Sydney are popular destinations for Family Building and for a good quality IVF, increasing numbers need a surrogate and such services are harder to access. Yet a global audit of surrogacy agencies in 2018 showed China to be in the top three user nations of cross-border surrogacy globally. In the […]