Meggen Lowry

In 2019 Meg had radiation therapy to her pelvis, which damaged her ovaries and burned her uterus. After her cancer treatment, Meg underwent four egg collections and created three embryos, hopeful she might one day find a surrogate to carry a pregnancy for her. Meg had known her friend and former work colleague Leah for 10 years.  In June 2021 Leah heard that Meg and Matt were going to attend a Growing Families conference, and expressed interest in carrying a pregnancy for them. As they explored the opportunity, it was understood that Leah’s offer was limited to a short timeframe; a viable pregnancy needed to be established before March 2022 to fit around her family, work and travel plans. Meg and Matt begged doctors, lawyers and counsellors for their earliest possible appointments. A donor IVF cycle was done in parallel with another close friend, to build up a reserve of embryos. With a stroke of luck, their first embryo transfer in late December 2021 was successful. Baby Imogen was born on 1 September 2022.