Michael Johnson Ellis

Michael Johnson-Ellis

Wes and Michael utilised an independent DIY surrogacy model to create their family. They have a 2 and a half year old  Talulah via UK Surrogacy and their surrogate is again pregnant with a late August 2019 due date. Being Dads is everything to Wes & Michael, so they have devoted much time to awareness raising via a Podcasting series launching in May titled Twodads-Talk and through a website and social media channels. Wes & Michael have already supported change with the introduction of new guidance to Healthcare professionals issued by the Department of Health in February 2018 advising how to fairly treat Surrogates and Intended Parents (IP’s). More recently they were invited to the Houses of Parliament by the All Party Parliamentary Group in relation to the Surrogacy Law Reform to provide their ‘lived experience’ as two dads via UK Surrogacy. They are passionate about helping others navigate their way to achieving their dreams of becoming parents. You can visit their website at www.twodaddies.co.uk & Twitter @twodaddies.uk