Nadeen Laljee Curran

Nadeen’s fertility issues began when she was suddenly diagnosed as having been through and early menopause aged 33. In an age of statistics and success rates, the first challenge for Nadeen and her husband Jason was to find doctors willing to try IVF. With an chronic autoimmune disease Nadeen expected there may be embryo sticking issues but the diagnosis of a uterine lining which was unsuitable for embryo transfer was one she did not expect (separate issue, unrelated to menopause, just “bad luck” they say). Fast forward four years, 13 ART cycles, five potential surrogates including one friend and one family member in four different countries, Nadeen and Jason eventually ended up with a surrogate in California. Once they met Amanda it only took one transfer and just a few weeks ago, all their Christmases came at once in one life changing day. Nadeen’s message to new IPs is to never give up. If you want it badly enough, it can happen.