Neil McDonagh

by Sam everingham

Posted on 2016-12-23 at 06:00:51

Neil & Andrew  live in Northern Ireland and  work in banking and air travel respectively. Their son Oisin was born in November 2016 in the UK via gestational independent surrogacy after four years of planning. Neil and his partner looked at many different options before deciding on the UK. They met their surrogate through an online surrogacy forum in April 2015. Whilst they experienced some challenges, they feel so lucky to have overcome these and to be bringing up the child they have long dreamed of.


This guest blog is from Australian mum Jessie Schuhart McRae who will speak at the 4 July Domestic Surrogacy Webinar Infertility isn’t something you ever think about growing up.  You fall in love, get married and say one day when we are ready we will start our family.  For us we did a lot of […]

Sarah Jefford

Australia’s eighth annual surrogacy & donor conference for intended parents for the first time had a whole day devoted to domestic surrogacy. A record crowd of 180 intended parents attended from around the country, to network,  and hear from experts, panels of surrogates, parents, egg donors, and donor-conceived children. The success of the event would […]

Surrogacy Agency in Russia

Surrogacy is one of the most trending topics of the recent times. But it is not only high-end celebs like Jay Z, Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian who pursued surrogacy to realize their parenthood dreams. Even though surrogacy is more accepted as a means of building family, many people are still unaware of the whole concept. […]